Django Tutorial for Beginners_Telusko_Navin Reddy | Django Live Project 001

Learning something new is hard because all these new things are mostly unknown and unfamiliar. When the learning course is about programming language it's really quite hard but not impossible and at end of the day, it will be even Fun and Interesting if you like math. 

Programming is a long journey; it takes time to reach the destination. So, sit tight and watch the video more than a few times, later do not forget to practice. The more you will practice the easier it will be to remember and do projects on your own. 

As you already saw the title on our website, is “Django tutorial live project list”. We are going to search entire YouTube and other websites to collect all the useful live projects and place them here so you can save your time & energy.  Just focus on learning. 

Working with a Django project you need Basic Python.  This is the very first project you are going to cover, and the reason is Mr. Navin Reddy is the best Teacher. I have learned all the basics of python and Django from his class. No more talking enjoys the class. 

My Tips and advice:
  • Do not blow your brain, keep it cool. Why do I place this video first? This is an all-in-one project.
  • Watch the Video with patience and take notes. Also do not forget to take screenshots. Screenshots will be handy when you do projects on your own and it's 100% confirm you will miss many essential codes, so screenshots will help you quickly look back and continue coding. 

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