Python RoadMap

 Python Program Language Course RoadMap

Week 1: Introduction to Python and Programming Concepts

Week 2: Strings and String Manipulations ( Strings in Python part1 )

Week 3: Sets, Tuples, and Dictionaries

Week 4: Functions and Modules

                                Anatomy of a Function                                 Function Syntax & Calling Functions
                                Function Parameters                                 Return Values                                 Default Parameters

                                Parameters in Python Functions                                 Default Parameters in Python                                 Difference between Parameters and Arguments                                 Positional Arguments in Python                                 Keyword Arguments in Python and more

                                    Lambda Functions
                                    Higher-Order Functions
                                    Inner Functions
                                    Decorators (basic understanding)
                                    Variable-Length Arguments (*args, **kwargs)
                                Pure Functions
                                Error Handling
                                Function Composition
                                Generator Functions
                                Namedtuples and Data Structures

Week 5: Object-Oriented Programming

Week 6: Exceptions, Files, and Modules

Week 7: Advanced Topics in Python

  • Lesson 26: Multithreading and Concurrency

  • Lesson 27: Debugging and Testing

  • Lesson 28: Decorators and Generators

  • Lesson 29: Context Managers and with Statement

Week 8: Web Development with Django

  • Lesson 30: Introduction to Django and Web Development

  • Lesson 31: Setting up a Django Application

  • Lesson 32: Routing and Views in Django

  • Lesson 33: Templating in Django

Week 9: Databases with SQLite and SQLAlchemy

  • Lesson 34: Introduction to Databases and SQL

  • Lesson 35: Creating and Querying Databases with SQLite

  • Lesson 36: ORM and SQLAlchemy Basics

  • Lesson 37: Relationships and Querying with SQLAlchemy

Week 10: Data Science with Python

  • Lesson 38: Introduction to Data Science and NumPy

  • Lesson 39: Working with Arrays and Linear Algebra

  • Lesson 40: Data Manipulation with Pandas

  • Lesson 41: Data Visualization with Matplotlib

Week 11: Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

  • Lesson 42: Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Lesson 43: Preprocessing and Feature Engineering

  • Lesson 44: Classification Algorithms in Scikit-Learn

  • Lesson 45: Regression Algorithms in Scikit-Learn

Week 12: Deep Learning with TensorFlow

  • Lesson 46: Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

  • Lesson 47: Building and Training a Neural Network in TensorFlow

  • Lesson 48: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for Image Classification

  • Lesson 49: Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Text Generation

Week 13: Advanced Data Science and Machine Learning Techniques

  • Lesson 50: Unsupervised Learning with Clustering

  • Lesson 51: Dimensionality Reduction with PCA and t-SNE

  • Lesson 52: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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